Born in a working-class family I always had a dream of becoming a writer. Now after, more than five decades of life I’ve finally put my exhilarating tales out there!

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, I can make it all exciting!

I was born in Belgium on the 19th of April 1967. My father was a miner and my mother a grocery shop keeper.

From very early on I’ve been putting my fantasies on paper and when I read the stuff I did in the early years I cringe a bit… a lot actually (LOL). I guess I was most active as a writer in the late eighties to early nineties a period of my life that still has a lot of influence on what I write today.

But then life caught up with me and I got married, had kids… you know how it goes sometimes. After my divorce it still took a few years before I restarted my old hobby again but when my computer crashed and my back-up files turned out to be less then reliable I actually gave up hope. Maybe the universe was telling me I wasn’t ready yet!

For the next ten to fifteen years two stories began running around my head ever evolving, slowly taking over my life until I finally decided I had to write them down. By now I’d bought a laptop and it became a valuable tool to get my stories written and published.

In the mean time I found the time to find new love again and I remarried a Brazilian woman adding a giant family to my own.

I’ve now written several books, some of which are based on stories I’d written way back in the eighties and the nineties, some of which have a lot of me and my youth woven in them. And that story You were writing when your computer crashed you might ask. Well that has been rewritten and published as well and it’s a lot better than the first one.

I’m currently working on more books even though I still have a day job but once I start selling enough books to support me and my family I will be able to concentrate fully on my hobby.


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