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Hi, I am an independent writer who has his work published on amazon. I write science fiction, fantasy and horror. My debut ‘All for the People’ is an epic adventure you might like. If you’re interested in reading my stuff here the link:

I’ve been writing off and on from an early age. When I read the stuff I did in my younger years I cringe bit… a lot actually (LOL). I guess the late eighties, early nineties was when I was most prolific. But then life caught up and I got married, had kids… you know how it goes sometimes. After my divorce it still took a few years before I took up my old hobby again. I was working on a book about an archeologist on a fictitious world, technologically some fifty years in our future. My friends and colleagues at the time laughed. When my computer crashed I lost hope, however I still had the back-up disk that had most of my book on it! Or did I because even that was unreadable and I lost everything. I quit. I know what you’re thinking, ‘You loser’. But maybe the universe was telling me I wasn’t ready yet. For the next ten to fifteen years two stories began to ran around in my head, ever evolving ever changing but solidifying into adventures. In 2019 I finally decided I had to put the down on paper (read type them into my laptop). It actually was the start of my debut novel ‘All for the People’. I got the courage to publish it on Amazon. I later adapted an unfinished story from somewhere in the early nineties into a fantasy novella called ‘Journey to the Unknown’. Then I rewrote a few stories starting a trilogy. The first two parts, based mainly on old stories from the past are already available on Amazon. The series is called ‘The William Parker Chronicles’ with part 1 ‘Genesis’ and Part 2 ‘Origin’ finished. I am now working on part 3, working title ‘Inception’, that will link the six short stories from the two first books together. I guess the time was finally right to make my big dream a reality, and guess what, I’m already doing research on the side to resurrect my book about the archeologist, it was named ‘Legion of the Dammed’. Now you know a little more about me maybe you should check out my work? The protagonist of the trilogy has actually a lot of me in it, the city where I grew up, re-envisioned in a fictional place.I hope you enjoyed my story and look forward to tell you some more about how my books came to be in the next blogs.

Two seperate parties organize their quests for some ancient weapons now an old and powerful evil has returned to the realm. Along the way they meat strange and wonderful creatures both friend and foe, allies and enemies. But perhaps the greatest challange that faces them is the centuries old mistrust between the races, not to mention the hybrids. Will the realm reconcile or perish?

Bill’s unexpected Journey through life will affect many lives, not in the least that of his own, lovely wife. But the journey isn’t over yet and pushes the science man further away from reality the further he gets.

How did my first book come to be?
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