The Morewood Bibliography

Born in Belgium in a working-class family I always had a dream of becoming a writer. I just wanted to put my amazing imaginings on paper and share them with the world. Now, after more than five decades of life I finally mustered up the courage to put my exhilarating tales out there! And oh boy, was it worth the wait!

If I piqued your interest my books are available through the following link:

When strange signals from a long forgotten planet are detected, a ship is send to investigate. There is little doubt that it heralds a new attack from an old enemy, but can the Alliance withstand this new conflict or will it be its downfall?...
An epic tale spanning more than four centuries about humanities struggle for equality... and survival.

My SciFi debut novel 'All for the People', available on amazon in both E-book and paperback.
A longing for a new future...
The return of an ancient evil...
As two parties organize their own quest for truth and strength the people of the realm have the daunting task of unifying after centuries of mistrust and suspicion to fight against what could be the end of their existence.

My second book, a fantastic tale in a mysterious world of extraordinary creatures and magical powers.
A chance encounter pushes the life of Bill in an entirely different direction. His, and his partners scientific minds will have to cope with the knowledge that there is more to life than meets the eye. To save the lives of his loved ones Bill is forced to take a decision that will set in motion a series of events that shape his life in a way he could never have imagined.

The first in a trilogy of strange powers and hidden worlds.
As life goes on, Bill learns more about his powers, and his ghost companion Breana. The mystery around Ronan Dallas deepens when Bill learns he is not off this world. Can he unravel the enigma his life has become, and what will happen when he and his girl Shanika bare a son?

The adventures of our protagonist continue and in his quest for answers the strangeness only augments.