From early on Rafael Morewood had a dream of being a writer and actually put stories on paper off and on throughout his life. But it was only after five decades of life that he decided to publish his first novel.

   He is a prolific writer in SciFi, Fantasy and Horror and incorporating his own views of life in the stories that he tells. Be ready for his griping adventures that capture your imagination.

My debut book

   When strange signals from a long forgotten planet are detected, a ship is sent to investigate. There is little doubt it heralds a new attack from an old enemy.

   How did it get this far, why is this enemy still after the colonists from Earth and why did they flee from their home planet anyway. Who are these Millennials that seem to hold the key to spaceflight and how did the Alliance form in the first place.

   It is the third time the same enemy pops up and just like the first time it was a surprise attack for unknown reasons. But the enemy is bewildered as well, that the Alliance actually survived.

   Like the Alliance the enemy evolved, however their agendas could’t be further apart. For the colonists the whole of humanity is of importance while the enemy has adhered to the old ways. 

   The attackers may not have the advanced weapons displayed by the ships designed by the Millennials, their strength lies in sheer numbers, tenacity, and determination. Can the Alliance withstand this new conflict or will it be its downfall?

  An epic tale, spanning more than four and a half centuries about humanities struggle for equality… and survival.

A Fantasy Adventure

   A longing for a new future… Some of the people are tired of the constant belittling and want change. Two kings, one who lost his wife some time ago, another who’s wife does not share his novel ideas, take a courageous step towards unification. 

   The return of an ancient evil… Rumors circle about the black sorcerer and his strange influence over the Waazi. This tribal people who’ve always been divided by petty differences are now being unified into a formidable army by this old danger. But why?

   Two parties organize their own quest for truth and strength but what they found was beyond their imaginations. One party dares enter a valley reputed to be haunted. The other is led by a mysterious old witch who might be as dangerous as her counterpart. Will they find what they need and reveal the lessons of the past that will help them build a new future.

   Meanwhile the people of the realm have the daunting task of unifying after centuries of mistrust and suspicion to fight against what could be the end of their existence.

The first of the trilogy

A chance encounter pushes the life of Bill in an entirely different direction. His, and his partners scientific minds will have to cope with the knowledge that there is more to life than meets the eye.

To save the lives of his loved ones Bill is forced to take a decision that will set in motion a series of events that shape his life in a way he could never have imagined. The world of reason he knew is slowly replaced by one with strange powers and ghosts.

Will he be able to control these powers he acquired or will he succumb to the strong attraction of them and abuse them? In the midst of this turmoil he slowly begins to realize there is more to the world than meets the eye as well

Will he find his place in all this or is he destined to loose everything?

The Saga continues.

As life goes on, Bill learns more about his powers, and his ghost companion Breana. The mystery around Ronan Dallas deepens when Bill learns he is not off this world.

Together with his childhood friend Mark Spencer, who owns a paranormal investigations bureau with his wife Jenny, he researches all manner of strange occurrences. Can he unravel the enigma his life has become, and what will happen when he and his girl Shanika bare a son?

The when all the mysteries slowly unravel and lead to even greater questions the chocking truth about Ronan Dallas is suddenly revealed. But before that happens the greatest disaster a man or woman can experience rattles Bill and Shanika’s world and turns it upside down.

The final chapter?

What started all of this? How is it all connected?

Before all the shenanigans starts we learn more about what happened before Bill Parker got involved and how one thing seems to have led to another. Therefor we go to a time long before our protagonist has even been born.

One person close to them has doubts about the life she’s leading and ultimately makes a faithful decision. While old foes turn friends and nobody seems to be who they appear to be.

And then Shanika and Bill still have to recover from and start to get used to the true identity of the man they presumed ancient and immortal.

As a war is brewing, and a secret third party is revealed, Bill Parker starts to learn more about the Otherworld. However does this lead to an explanation? Or does it only create more questions. The final part of the trilogy,… or is it?

A Life story

When Talib Dee is born he has two distinctive features that will steer the course of his life.

   First of all he is a child of mixed parentage and his complexion will give him some strive. In the country of Ynys there are still people longing for the olden days of the Empire when slavery was rife. Certain incidents and major events in Talib’s life are harsh lessons teaching him that discrimination itself is being frowned upon but the road to equality is still long and arduous.

   Second, he is born with a birthmark. Nothing special you might think but this one is a symbol found all over the world in every existing mythology known. Is he a messiah? A prophet called the Dahis? And will he be the peacemaker? The man who saves the world? Or will he be the destroyer from some of the prophecies? If you want to change the world, even for the better, does that not mean changing it? Tearing it apart and building it up from scratch?

   Does this man, struggling to find his place in the world, have any control over his future, or will he be the victim of fate? Will he find the truth when he finds the Legion of the Damned? Follow Talib Dee on his journey through life and to his ultimate destiny.

While struggling against inequality Talib Dee is searching for answers about his origins and his destiny.

An inevitable war

   It has been a long time coming. For many decades now the Tribe of the Children of the Night have been treated as second hand citizens. Some have even resorted to terrorist attacks to demand their right for equal treatment.

But now the cowardly murder of a Samduree soldier and his alien girlfriend from the uncharted territories has put things in a dangerous spin. Did Emperor Gurujee even have a choice when he threw the gauntlet and set in motion a series of events that could mean the end of the universe itself.

   In the mean time on the planet of Koodana a young girl is identified as the future leader of the faith. It has been a thousand years since a female religious icon has stood up. Buddhi is burdened with the destiny of not only being the future Bade Maati but also being the one that will unite the Tribes once more. Will she pick up the gauntlet? And will she succeed in her task or will it take another devastating war to make the Tribes see the need for peace?

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